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The Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) is a valuable reference for all pilots. Now you can take it with you on your iPhone or iPod Touch!

PilotAIM includes the electronic text and figure images for all ten chapters of the AIM as published by the FAA.

PilotAIM enables you to quickly locate the information you need. The main screen lists each chapter and section. Tapping a section title takes you to that section, and from there you can read the section, and move forward and backward through the adjacent sections. Enter a search filter to narrow the main contents to topics containing only your search term. When you access a filtered section your terms will be highlighted for you!

Use the bookmark feature to enable quick access to commonly accessed sections.

PilotAIM will remember the last section you were reading and reopen it for you. You wont lose your place when you get a phone call or need to take a break.

Are you a student who’s working towards your certificate? With PilotAIM you’ll always have the quintessential pilot reference with you for study.

If you’re a pilot already, you know how useful it is to have the AIM handy in your flight bag. With PilotAIM you can lighten your load a little.

PilotAIM is the perfect companion to our other products – PilotFAR (a Federal Aviation Regulations reference compendium), and PilotPrep (a written-exam preparation tool for all pilots.) Be sure to check them all out!


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