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PilotPrep is a FAA test preparation tool for pilots – student and otherwise. It includes over 1100 questions from the FAA test bank, for 5 common exams:

  • Private Pilot (airplane)
  • Sport Pilot (airplane)
  • Recreational Pilot (airplane)
  • Instrument Rating (airplane)

PilotPrep is easy and fun. Start the application and select your desired exam and options. (Selections are remembered for you between uses.) Each question is presented with associated figures, and with answers listed randomly, as they will on your actual FAA exam. Simply tap the correct answer to move onto the next question. When you’ve completed the quiz you’ll see a summary of the questions you answered both correctly and incorrectly, with an opportunity to review each question individually.

PilotPrep will keep your place if you get interrupted by a phone call or need to take a break. The next time you run PilotPrep you can pick up right where you left off.

Use PilotPrep to help prepare for all your certificates and ratings! There are no additional products to buy!


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